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DSL - Carb Motion

About fifteen years ago, carb-phobia invaded the collective mind of the American people, not unlike what’s going on with gluten today. 


Professional bodybuilders and their gurus were at the forefront of the anti-carbs movement, accusing carbs of all kind of evils.  There was even a U.S. book, published by a "doctor", alleging that regular intake of carbs could cannibalize the human brain… Astonishing!!!  Let see what science says.



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Recently, anthropologists found a bowl – in a Spanish cave- in which grains had been crushed… a 100,000 years ago!  The take home message, your (our) DNA is programmed to eat carbs.


Moreover, nutrional studies done over many decades by doctor Walter Willet from Harvard Medical School, have convinced him to rewrite the nutritional pyramid established by the U.S. government.  At the base of his new pyramid we can find an abundance of natural carbs: fruits, beans, cereals etc…


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No matter the quality of carbs you consume, they will all be transformed to glucose and thereafter stocked as glycogen in your muscles (80%) and your liver (20%).



Carbohydrates are your body premium source of energy.  Their impact on your daily activities is remarkable: 


• Because 63% of the worldwide population depends on carbs (wheat, rice, corn) for survival! 

• Because a Brithish study from Bangor University has shown that taking carbs after 2 hours of intense training boosted the immune system.

• Because of a lack of carbs, innocent people fessed up to crime they didn’t commit.  (After 5 to 6 hours of police interrogation).

• Because 1gr of carb supplies 4 calories of fast acting energy.

• Because Lee Haney diet (the most successful bodybuilder of all time) was made of 60% carbs (sweet potatoes, fruits, honey) all yearlong!

• Because cutting carbs drastically for several weeks will impair your testosterone production and shrink your muscles. 



Here’s a partial list of some good carbs (low to medium on the glycemic index scale):


Low fat yogurt

Black beans


Pineapple juice



Skim milk



Sweet potatoes



Apple juice



Whole wheat spaghetti





The abovementioned carbs take about an hour and a half to digest.  If like me you train early in the morning or leave work at night to go to the gym, you might consider carb powder.  No fat, no gluten, no fibers, carb powder are much faster to digest.  About 45 to 60 minutes when taken in juice or water.  Never take them in milk (80% casein) because it would slow down their absorption by 50 to 70%!  Don’t forget: undigested calories supply zero energy.



CARB MOTION made by DSL Supplements is the best choice on the market.  A mix of 4 fast acting carbs, it mixes easily and taste delicious.

CARB MOTION can be taken 45 to 60 minutes prior your training session, to boost your energy, increase your focus and deliver a shirt-splitting pump.

Also you can take it right after your training to restore your muscle glycogen rapidly. 



Before your next training session try this amazing and synergistic 

mix in 10 oz of water :


1 scoop DSL WHEY ISO




You’ll be overwhelmed!



Daniel Tremblay

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