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What is L-Glutamine? - Ajinomoto

A product that generates several benefits, this important amino acid (60% of all aminos in blood circulation) doesn’t do anything drastic but works rather smoothly in the body at many levels.


The usage of glutamine in the Fitness market comes from its medical application (severe burns, dehydration, extreme catabolism etc…).


More often than not, we find glutamine in its original L- form (the letter L being a statement of its natural source) in meat, eggs, dairy products, spinach and also in nutritional supplements.



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Known as a circumstantial amino acid, glutamine exerts its anti-catabolic properties in direct proportion to the stress imposed on the body!


Consequently, the frequency and the intensity of your training sessions (unconditional criterias of progress) will dictate its usage…


Are you into Cross-Fit, Boot Camp, Iron Man, biking, boxing, weight training with Drop Sets and Super Sets?  Or maybe you’re on a low carb diet?



Benefits of DSL Glutamine


•Increase speed of recuperation

•Help maintain cellular hydration

•Stimulate HGH production (grow hormone)

•Make digestion easier

•Reduce stomach hyperacidity

•Can be converted into glucose when on a low-carb diet

•Excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians

•Reinforce the anabolic action of creatine

•Prevent hypercatabolism

•Help cut sugar cravings



Unless of a specific medical condition, glutamine can be taken year-long without any side effects.





1- General application 

5gr of glutamine 45 min. before the workout and 10gr immediately after, with a shake or a meal that doesn’t contain more than 5gr of fat.


2- Before cardio on an empty stomach

10gr in a glass of water, 30 min. before training.


3- At nightime to help burn fat

10gr in 1/2 cup of water, 30 min. before bedtime. *


4- Marathon/Iron Man

Mix 15gr of DSL glutamine with 2-3 scoops of DSL Carb Motion in 1.5 litter of water. Drink as required.



Glutamine works faster when taken everyday! Biopsy of muscle cells, taken 36 hours after an intense training session, has shown an increase in protein metabolism in all of the subjects tested.


N.B.: DSL pharmaceutical grade L-glutamine from Ajinomoto®, is micronized for a maximum bioavailability!  It’s also compatible with vegetalians (100% non-animal source) diet, and is recognized as the ultimate quality and purity available throughout the world.


Now, the question is…


Do you believe that you train harder that the average?  So…



Daniel Tremblay



* An hour and a half after bedtime the body starts producing HGH hormones (best fat burner there is) and glutamine helps maximize its production when taken on an empty stomach.

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