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BIO GREENS The ultimate heal-all …

Is BIO GREENS a panacea?  May be… More so, if this remarkable food supplement is well integrated in the fitness life style-triangle: A variety of fresh food, 4 to 5 weekly training periods, 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep.  Regardless, even with a healthy mind-set, who among us can boast to be unaffected by modern-life stressors? 

Namely, oxidative stress, lack of sleep, reduction of spermatozoids, night-time light pollution, large intake of stimulants etc.  The 5 to 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the public health organism around the world to prevent cancer, cardio-vascular disease, dementia etc… have been validated a long time ago!  And the Mediterranean diet, as well as the Sati diet (in India) stand as proof.

Moreover, according to an Australian study, eating optimum amount of fruits and vegetables make people happy!

Now, let’s get back to the essential. Two questions regarding BIO GREENS immediately popped in our mind: what is BIO GREENS and who can benefit from it? 

Learn more…

BIO GREENS is a blend of nearly 30 ingredients derived from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and digestive enzymes, specifically chosen for their unique properties.  All those organic, none-OGM nutrients are dehydrated at low temperature or grinded (without heat) to yield a standardized powder of exceptional quality!  Each 9 gram scoop gives you the equivalent of 6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables:  vitamins, minerals, nitrates (vascular health), carotenoids (eye health), chlorophyll (alkalizing effect), prebiotics (intestinal flora), as well as hundreds of essential phytonutrients.

BIO GREENS mixes easily. Moreover, being a negligible source of calories, sugar and fat, and due to the fact that it contains no dairy, gluten and soya, its digestibility is a no-brainer.  Also, because it contains a complete spectrum of digestive enzymes, taking BIO GREENS with a meal will guarantee you a total absorption of all the amino acids, carbs and fat, yielding a linear source of energy and faster recuperation. 

Who needs it?

Anyone who strives for optimum health, anyone who wants to build-up his immune system, anyone who’s looking to quench free radicals and above all, anyone who wants to detoxicate his blood from heavy metals: because, gram for gram, BIO GREENS is one of the most concentrated source of anti-oxidants on the planet!


Also interesting for:

Vegetarians and people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Athletes (cross-fit, triathlon) who want to oxygenate their blood and speed up recuperation.

Teenagers who don’t eat enough fruits and veggies.

Older persons who have a hard time chewing fibrous carbs.

Folks who travel and want to maintain their health while enjoying local gastronomy.

Whoever wants to loose weight: one serving of BIO GREENS in 250ml of cold water, 20 minutes before a meal.  Results guaranteed.


Good to know…


The secret of BIO GREENS resides in the synergic action of its multiple ingredients.  Let’s take a look at their particular benefits. 


A fiber which works also as a prebiotic (by stimulating bacteria necessary to the flora), inulin doesn’t raise glycemia and can be useful in managing diabetes.  It also improves intestinal transit.  As a bonus: 3 grams of soluble fiber that is known to prevent arterial stiffness.   


A good source of minerals that helps fight fatigue, reduces cholesterol, regenerates muscle cells and contributes to liver detoxification. 


Rich in both kind of fibers (soluble and insoluble), apple also contains quercetin which insures cardiac protection and ursolic acid which can help neutralize certain specific cancer cells, besides reducing fat mass.


Those seeds are known since Hippocrates who use to recommend them to his patients.  The soluble part of the seed binds with cholesterol and prevents its absorption.  Linseed is also an important source of ALA (Alpha-Linoleic Acid) which is associated to a reduction of breast and prostate cancer.



This blue-green algae is rich in amino acids (65%), beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), chlorophyll and oligo-elements.  Spirulina also boosts the immune system, has an alkalising effect and thanks to its natural anti-oxidants, could slow down aging!


A great source of vitamins: A, B1, B2, K and sulphur.  Also helps prevent ulcers and facilitate detoxication. 


According to Paul Lachance Ph.D. from the Nutraceutical Institute of Rutgers University, carrot is the king of veggies: 2 grams of fiber, 4,960 micrograms of beta-carotene, 127 milligrams of potassium, vitamin C, folates, vitamin K and calcium.  All this in half a cup of cooked or raw carrots! 


A three-month study done with 291 Chinese who consumed daily extracts of broccoli, shown that its main ingredient, sulforaphan, had succeeded in cleaning their bodies from air pollutants like benzene.

It's also a killer of H. pylori (the cause of most stomach ulcers), and could very well stimulate stem cells production!


Known to increase nitric oxide production and subsequently cardiovascular health, due to the substantial amount of nitrate it contains.  A study from Shaanxi University in China has shown that spinach could reduce insulin resistance, helps improve the endothelium functions and lower the LDL cholesterol.  


One of the most important sources of vitamin K, which helps maximize bone density.  Parsley also contains 3 times more vitamin C than oranges!


An iron-rich algae that also contains a highly bioavailable form of B-12.  A logical choice for vegans and vegetarians.


Richer in fiber than any other grain.  Researches indicate an important satiety effect as well as a conclusive improvement of cardiovascular health.


The king of antioxidants.  Helps sustain a strong immune system.  According to Gary Stoner Ph.D. from Ohio State University School of Medicine, blueberries protect against colon cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson.



Helps fight uric acid (a pro-inflammatory source) with its high vitamin C content, while the flavonoids strengthen the capillary blood vessels.



Its polyphenols, specially the EGCG, helps fight oxidative stress as well as premature aging.  Works as a shield against prostate cancer.  Also the L-theanine it contains has a soothing effect on the mind.  A study on rats taking EGCG has shown an 18% increase in lifespan.  


Already in use since a thousand years ago to treat stomach problems: acidity, cramps, indigestion etc…  Contains zingerone, a molecule that warms the blood and increases metabolism.  


Widely used in India for its medicinal properties: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.  Also helps regularize blood sugar and protects the skin from radiation side-effects.  


The phenols it contains, especially cinamic acid, reduces inflammation and cardiovascular occurrences.  Moreover, cinnamon helps control insulin and kills 75% of unwanted bacteria. 



A potent group of bio-catalyst implicated in the hydrolysis of protein (reduction of protein into peptide-chains and singular amino acids).



In the Alpha form, this enzyme (secreted by the pancreas) helps transform starches and glycogen into glucose. 


 Enzyme specifically adapted to convert starch into maltose.


An essential enzyme for the transportation and digestion of lipids (fats, oil, triglycerides).


Enzyme responsible for the transformation of sucrose into glucose and fructose.


Works synergistically with Alpha-amylase to digest a complete spectrum of carbohydrates (veggies, grains, pasta etc…)

To conclude, the best way to take BIO GREENS is once or twice a day, every single day.  Ideally with your breakfast in almond milk or juice, as a mid-day snack with nuts or a few dates and definitely with your DSL Pre-Workout (Gladiator or Stronger) before training.

Here are my 2 favourite recipes.  A must-try.  Enjoy!

Smoothie Pre-Workout *                  

200ml organic apple juice                          

¾ cup strawberries                                      

¼ teaspoon cinnamon                                  

1 serving of Bio Greens                              

coconut oil

1 serving DSL Gladiator                              



Smoothie Tropical

200ml pineapple juice

1 peach 

½ banana

2 teaspoons DSL 


1 Serving Bio Greens 

* Drink slowly 45 min. before training.

Daniel Tremblay



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