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What is L-Carnitine?

Better known as L-Carnitine, this nutrient had been originally identified as vitamin BT, even if biochemically speaking it doesn’t add up to the true definition of a vitamin!


It’s rather a natural (L stands for levo) conditional amino acid that we find exclusively in muscle tissues.  The biosynthesis of carnitine is mostly made in the liver and kidneys from lysine and methionine.  However, the amount of carnitine in human cells wane as we’re getting older.



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In food, we find carnitine mostly in dairy products and meat, although plants do contain small amounts.  For example, lamb contains 190gr of carnitine per 100gr of meat, whereas potatoes, avocados and lentils contain only 2mg per 100gr.


Unlike most fat burners, carnitine has no stimulative effects on the nervous system.  Its action revolves around the transportation of long chain of fatty acids in the mitochondria of muscle cells.  Once this process is accomplished, the fatty acids could now combine with oxygen to produce ATP – the purest source of energy.  Finally, by utilizing fat as the main source of energy, muscle glycogen will be spared resulting in an increase of VO2 max and concentration!


A placebo-controlled double-blind study has shown that top level athletes who took 1.5gr of Carnitine twice a day for three weeks had increased their VO2 max by 6%.



Good to know


─ The saturation level of carnitine is reached by taking 2gr at once.

─ Evidence shows that carnitine can reduce the risk of death due to arrhythmia, in people who had infarctions. 

─ Carnitine protects neurons and slows down the aging process.

─ An increase of the androgenic receptor density has been observed in people taking carnitine!

─ Four studies have shown a significant reduction of CK (muscle damage marker) and soreness after exercise – due to the anti-inflammatory action of carnitine.

─ Carnitine helps recuperate faster after a bout of intense training.

─ Three major antioxidants (SOD, glutathione, catalase) are boosted following regular intake of carnitine.

─ A study (2008) done on female rats who had taken carnitine showed an increase in their bone density.


Clinical studies of L-Carnitine have been done with dosages of 2 to 4gr a day.  No significant side effects have been reported.


Take your carnitine 45 to 60 minutes before your training, with a meal or a shake.  Whether you’re bicycling, kayaking or weightlifting you will benefit from an unrelenting source of energy and a laser beam focus!

Keeping the best  for the end! 


Have you ever watched the Olympics 5,000 meter race?  Yes? Here’s another proof that it’s not how it begins that matters but how it finishes… same thing with love, business, trips etc.



So, yes, carnitine works very well on its own but I guaranteed that when you take it simultaneously with caffeine and tyrosine, the effects will blow you away.


So, here’s the deal:  A seven week ‘transformation challenge’!  You want to burn the maximum body fat for a photo shoot?  Or you want to break your personal best in Cross-Fit?


Here’s how:


First step: If you lift weights, I strongly suggest that you try the hottest training technic – cluster sets! Check cluster sets on Google.


Second step: Take this shake twice a day.  One of them, 45 to 60 min. before you train.




8 oz raw apple juice

1 tbs of DSL liquid L-Carnitine

1 scoop of DSL ISO-PRO vanilla

½ scoop of DSL STRONGER pre-workout



P.S.  The natural raspberry flavour of  DSL carnitine creates a perfect match with raw apple juice.


So, forget the ice bucket challenge, instead try the DSL Transformation Challenge and post your results on DSL Facebook in 7 weeks…


Hope to hear from you soon,



Daniel Tremblay

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