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Some details about our Gladiator

What, another Pre-Workout?


No, not just another Pre-Workout.  DSL Gladiator performs as a niche product in the supplements’ market.  A lot of people train late at night, or they belong to a group that is overly sensitive to stimulants.  And, let’s not forget that the half-life of a natural stimulant is roughly 5 hours.


For example, if you take 400mg of caffeine around 5:00 p.m. you would still have 200mg floating in your blood at 10:00 p.m.!  So, your chances of falling asleep by 10:30 would be as good as winning the jackpot and receiving the Order of Canada in the same week!  OK, back to our pre-workouts.



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By boosting Beta-Alamine to 3000mg we can maximize muscular endurance – by a reduction of lactic acid – without interacting on the central nervous system.  Moreover, with the addition of 2gr of Arginine we increased nitric oxide production, which will subsequently improve vasodilatation.  For the statistics fans: 80% of men’s sperm is made of Arginine!


Another interesting amino acid, Tyrosine (1000mg), often called the non-stimulant booster, helps reduce blood pressure, fights stress and bring about laser focus; a Canadian billiard champion, to which I had recommended the use of 2gr before a competition, couldn’t stop raving about it.  


The best ingredient you could combine with Tyrosine is definitely caffeine, because of the synergistic effect between the two products.  Doing this, will improve your muscle endurance by 15 to 20% without raising your cortisol too much.



Synephrine, a natural stimulant derived from orange peel, helps release epinephrine in blood plasma, resulting in higher energy levels and better oxygen utilization. 


Niacinamide is an active form of vitamin B-3.  It works as a precursor of cellular energy besides having anti-inflammatory properties.  Now as far as vitamin B-9 (folate) is concerned, one of its functions is the conversion of carbohydrates in energy.  Moreover it also helps with red-blood-cells production – just like vitamin B-12, which also plays a role in DNA synthesis.


Vitamin C, besides stimulating collagen production, helps release more nitric oxide – a vasodilator – thus making it the number one vitamin for cardiac health and prevention of back pain.  


Finally, creatine monohydrate by supporting endogenous phosphocreatine production and ATP, improves your training performances.


So, with Gladiator in your tool box, short of performing Hercules’ twelve immense labours, you’ll go through your new exercise program easily and you’ll fall asleep thinking about your next beach vacation!




For those of you, who train at night, take Gladiator 1:30 hrs to 2:00 hrs before training.  Start with 1/2 scoop for the first week, then increased to 3/4 scoop the second week and eventually to a full scoop thereafter.

The gladiator in me salutes those of you who are heading to the gym.



Daniel Tremblay

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