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ESTRO R The hormonal regulator



Being a woman comes with a definitive biological advantage:

Women live, on average, 4 to 6 years longer than men.  This is due to the fact that estrogens (estradiol and folliculin) bring about a real cardiovascular protection while they also help slowing down aging of cells. 


However, hormonal equilibrium could be easily disturbed, because of modern lifestyle and fluctuation of bodyfat.  The fact that teenage girls are menstruated earlier than ever because of an overconsumption of bad fats, and that female athletes who go down below 10% of bodyfat stop menstruating corroborates this.  The connection seems obvious.


But what about adult women who don’t compete and complain about lack of energy, depressive mood, cellulite, and low sex drive – regardless of the fact that they train regularly and eat well ?



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They’re part of our lives.  And it’s been a while now!  But what are they?  They’re unnatural molecules, exogenous as well as endogenous hormonal disturbers.  But where are they?  In the air, in the water, in foods, in medications, in plastic containers and finally, in your blood!


Whether its pesticides or herbicides in your fruits and veggies, mercury in your fish, arsenic in your chicken, aluminium in your deodorant or hormones and antibiotics in your meat, nothing is beyond their reach.  Even your morning coffee, which contains 19 known carcinogens… fortunately, they’re part per billion and coffee is loaded with natural antioxidants!


Alas, for those of you who think they are safe from this daily chemical cocktail, because they eat organic, because they train everyday, because they drink distilled water or because they’re vegans, here’s a non-arguable shocker: a scientific joint research has shown, after blood analysis of hundreds of people (men, women, children) in different cities of Europe and America, that not one of them were xenobiotic-free!  So, if a ten-year-old girl living in south of Provence has hormonal disturbers in her blood, what about an adult woman living in Montreal, New York or Paris?





DSL supplements has launched a hundred per cent natural, detoxifying formula, to counter the side effects of xebnobiotics, while balancing the natural production of estrogens.



Specifications of Estro R 


Reduces cellulite

Increases energy

Improves libido

Maximizes fat loss on hips and thighs

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Reduces oxidative stress

Stimulates RNA repair

Helps eliminate xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogens) and xenobotics

(heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc…)



Who could benefit? 


Because of natural estrogens being synthesized by the ovaries, this makes it primarily a women’s product.  Women over 18 years old. Women who care about their health.  Women who are menopausal. Women who want to benefit from the anti-carcinogenic effect of Estro R.  Women who compete (figure, fitness, bikini) but also women who want to be proud of their body without risking their health.


Good to know…


Men also produce estrogens! Those ones are synthesized in their testes, but in a relatively small amount.  If they produce too much, it can lead to gynecomastia (accumulation of fat around the nipples). This condition can be exacerbated by fast food, lack of sleep, smoking pot etc…


In those particulars cases, regular intake of Estro R along with a better diet, could bring remarkable results in a short time!  Estro R is also recommended for bodybuilders before a competition, and why not, for any man who would like to see his abs once in his life… don’t forget guys that to see your abs, you have to bring your bodyfat to a single digit (Nine percent or less). The Estro R formula contains 6 specific ingredients that contribute to the elimination of xenobiotics and xenoestrogens while regulating your hormonal balance in a sound and safe way.



DIM 200 mg 


The most interesting property of this natural molecule, resides in its metabolic action on estrogens. By stimulating the conversion of theses one into "good metabolites", namely Hydroxy and 2 Metoxyestrogens.  


DIM accelerates fat loss, helps sustain a constant energy level, supports a healthy sex drive and delivers a general feeling of well-being, without any stimulating effect of the CSN.


A 100 mg* dose of DIM has shown an alteration of urinary estrogens, suggesting a diminution of estrogenic activity in women.  Moreover, DIM acts like an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic.

* Estro R contains 200mg of DIM





Closely related to DIM, it works with this one to ensure a healthy estrogens’ metabolism.  It’s also known to alleviate menopause side effects.

This natural molecule (cabbage, broccoli, kale), by stimulating protective enzymes and lowering oxidative stress, reduces the incidence of cancer.





Researchers in Italy found that sulphoraphan, a phyto-chemical inherent to Brassica type of vegetables, could very well stimulate stem cells production that could, later on, end up in muscle cells!


Furthermore, B. Oleracea contains a phytonutrient, kaempferol, which helps reduce the risk of chronic inflammation.  Finally, in 2014, a scientific study has shown that the dichloromethane found in Brassica O. Var could reduce accumulation of fat in animals, suggesting a similar effect in humans which could alleviate metabolic syndrome (MS). 





This natural extract (a calcium salt) is derived from glucaric acid, a substance that we find in many fruits and veggies.  Having anti-cancerous properties, glucaric acid can help the body eliminate heavy metals as well as residual estrogens, by binding to them in the liver before their excretion through the bile.





Camellia Sinensis contains twice as many polyphenols than any fruit or veggie.  It helps reduce oxidative stress and lessens cortisol production after a bout of stress: intense training, lack of sleep, overtime at the office etc… A surplus of cortisol will always end up in fat storage around your waist!


Finally, on top of its protective cardiovascular effects, researches show that the EGCG of C. Sinensis can increase fat oxidation for up to 24 hours!






There are 2 forms of resveratrol: trans and cis.  Estro R contains the trans form because of its superior bioavailability.  This anti-oxidant, created by plants, is one of the few to cross the blood brain-barrier where it exerts his neuro-protective action.  Moreover, it helps stabilize blood sugar and seems to have a positive effect on estrogens’ metabolism.


As a bonus, researchers from Harvard Medical School believe that trans-resveratrol could increase life span … human life span!  



How to maximize Estro R effects? 



1- Wash all your fruits and veggies for 20-30 seconds under warm water.

2- Make sure that your plastic containers are BPA free.

3- Avoid eating mayonnaise, margarine and vegetable oils.  Replace those fats by extra-virgin olive oil.

4- Sleep 7 to 8 hours every night.

5- Take DSL liquid Omega-3. Besides DHA and EPA it contains 1,000 i.u. 

of vitamin D per serving (check my article on Omega-3 in Sport Nutrition – second edition – on the web).


Estro R is a modern and efficient product. Try it for 3 to 4 weeks – you’ll be glad you did!



Stay healthy,



Daniel Tremblay







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