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CLA by DSL Supplements - Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Is CLA hiding its true nature behind those three universally known letters?


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) also called rumenic acid, refers to many Omega 6 isomers (essential fatty acids – the human body doesn’t produce it) which ones are found mostly in dairy products and meat.


Preliminary researches had shown that CLA could increase basal metabolism (energy expenditure) and inhibit lipase protein – an enzyme responsible for fat synthesis.  Later on, after hundreds of studies throughout the years, many other health benefits have been disclosed:


─ Could retard diabetes onset

─ Reduces plaque formation in arteries

─ Can fight viral infections

─ Lowers triglyceride level

─ Reduces interleukin 1L6 level in blood, triggering an anti-inflammatory reaction

─ Increases catalase and glutathione peroxidase (2 potent anti-oxidants)


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Over the last two decades, the food intake of CLA in North America has dropped by 80%!


Could there be a link with today’s rampant obesity?  Regardless of billions spent by government to increase health awareness?  Who knows?


The interest for conjugated linoleic acid started when a researcher from Wisconsin University pointed out that the CLA found in ground beef could prevent cancer in mice.  However, CLA is mostly known as a "fat that burns fat".  Let’s see what science says.



One of the first studies that was brought to my attention, had been done with male subjects.  After only 4 weeks, those men had lost, on average, one inch from their waist, with a daily CLA dosage of 3,200mg.

Another study, done in Denmark, with 60 subjects (20 men, 40 women) showed that after a daily CLA intake of 5gr for 12 weeks, their fat level had dropped significantly compared to the control group (9gr of olive oil).



Finally, a long term study done by Jean-Michel Gaulier PhD, that was published in the respected American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reported the following results:


After a daily, 12 months intake of 3.6 to 4.5gr of CLA, 149 women and 31 men had dropped their body fat levels by 9%.  All this without any changes in their lifestyle or food intake!

Furthermore, the before and after body fat assessment of every subject was done with the precise body scanning technic (DEXA).  So the margin of error was almost nil.



Good to know…


─ Always take your CLA with meals, three time a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

─ CLA has no stimulative effect whatsoever.  So it could be combined with a standard fat burner when you’re ready to start your contest prep.

─ Bodybuilders who want to gain mass can add CLA to their diet to limit fat build up, following an increase in daily calories.

─For maximum results with Conjugated Linoleic Acid adjust your calories like this:


If you have a metabolism that is somewhat faster, take in 12 times your bodyweight in calories per day over 6 meals.

In either case you will see significant results in about 6 weeks – guaranteed.


DSL Supplements makes an OMG free CLA from cold press extraction.

I suggest the following dosage:


2 caps with breakfast (1500mg)

2 caps with lunch (1500mg)

2 caps with dinner (1500mg)


This will amount to 4.5gr daily – an optimum working dosage.



Finally, if you’re already taking a pre-workout like Stronger or Gladiator don’t stop because you start on CLA.  Each product has his own specific action, an add-on that will bring you closer to your goal!


And don’t forget to take a selfie before you start!



Daniel Tremblay

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